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About the service

Our core business focuses on delivering integrated security solutions. We ensure the right balance of expertise – On-site Guarding, Mobile Guarding, and/or Remote Guarding officers – along with the optimal integration of Electronic Security.


Securitas works with clients to develop optimal, cost-efficient security solutions adapted to the unique needs of the client.

Our team will work with you to create a customized Integrated Guarding solution that combines the most appropriate services to meet your security needs. Securitas incorporates technology, people, and knowledge to create high-performing security solutions.


The security industry continues to be challenged by the seemingly opposing dynamics of increasing the scope and scale of security services while simultaneously maintaining costs.

In response, Securitas Integrated Guarding offers clients an array of options that deliver particularly effective and high-value solutions. Integrated Guarding combines the optimal, client-specific mix of On-site, Mobile, Remote Guarding and/or Electronic Security.

As one indicator of its’ initial growing success, nearly 20% of all Securitas clients are now utilizing Integrated Guarding solutions. Integrated Guarding combines services to provide comprehensive and efficient solutions.

  1. On-site Guarding – Highly trained security officers that specialize in person-to-person interaction.
  2. Remote Guarding – Transforming traditional On-site Guarding functions for the 21st century.
  3. Mobile Guarding – Leveraging the largest Mobile Guarding Footprint in North America.
  4. Electronic Security – The leader in innovative Electronic Security solutions.

After performing a Securitas Risk Assessment, we will develop custom-tailored alternatives to cover your unique security needs.